We know you will look after your new home, but just to remind you: it is your responsibility to clean your room, bathroom, kitchen, and flat corridor. ​

We will carry out full room and flat inspections at least three times during your tenancy period to check for cleanliness, damage, and for missing items.  ​You will receive advance notice of when these inspections will be carried out.

At each inspection, you will be informed if there has to be a charge for repairs and/or cosmetic restoration works. You will be invoiced for recharges.​

A guide to recharges for cleaning, damages and missing items can be found here .  At the end of your tenancy, you will be expected to leave your accommodation clean, remove all rubbish, and leave all fixtures and fittings as you originally found them. ​

Why not book our cleans through the app?


Repairs and maintenance reporting couldn’t be easier. Just report any requests you may have via your BOHO Resident Portal – ‘Report a Fault’. This can be done from the comfort of your own room, or on the go 24 hours a day. We aim to assess requests within the following timescales: ​

Emergency repairs: within 24 hours of being reported.  An emergency repair is any repair required to avoid danger to the health and safety of residents. E.g. No power supply, overflow of sewage. ​

Urgent repairs: within 5 working days of being reported; an urgent repair is any repair which materially affects the comfort or convenience of the customer. E.g. Broken handrails, faulty electrical fittings such as the microwave. ​

General repairs: within 28 days of being reported. ​

N.B. A general repair is any repair not falling into the two above categories​

E.g. Single electric light or power point failure within room, sticking doors or windows​

We normally provide you with a minimum of 24 hrs notice if we require access to your accommodation to carry out a repair. Please note that in the case of emergency we may require immediate access.


We know accidents happen - our fantastic maintenance operative will always try to fix the issue first. However, sometimes serious damages need to be charged back. ​ 


  • Late Rent Payment Charge £30.00 
  • Lock Out £10.00​
  • Replacement Access Key/Card £20.00 
  • Tenancy Takeover £75.00​
  • Room move £25.00
  • Rubbish bag removal £15.00​
  • Smoking fines £40 
  • Smoke alarms tampering £40 
Please note: the prices on the next page are only a guide and correct as of July 2019 and relate to 19/20 tenancy agreements.  ​


Overnight guests

You may wish to have occasional overnight guests. We request that you do not invite someone to stay for more than 3 consecutive nights and, out of courtesy, always consult with your flatmates first. 

All visitors must be signed in and out at reception. 


Our bin store is located on Garden Level and you can access this by the stairwell or lift.  Full black bags should be placed in the black bins in the store, recycling placed in the green.  As the common areas are largely carpeted, please try wherever possible to bring down your bags still inside the kitchen bin.  This will prevent moisture leaking on to the carpet and causing stains and smells. 

It is very important that you recycle as much as possible so please do familiarise yourself with waste instructions on packaging and make sure you rinse out any packets or bottles intended for recycling.


Window restrictors are installed in the accommodation for your protection. You are not permitted to adjust or remove them. ​ Every external door is lockable and you have been provided with key/key card for the locks. Unless windows or doors are currently in use, for your own security we strongly recommend that you keep them closed and locked. Please take good care of window/door keys as you will be charged for their replacement if they are misplaced during your tenancy. 

All main doors in the common parts, including flat doors, are fire doors – this means that when closed they provide a certain level of protection from the spread of a fire should one break out. As such, under no circumstances should any doors be propped open, and when you walk through you should ensure the door is fully closed behind you.



Post is delivered to the post boxes found on the ground floor at reception.  These post boxes can only be accessed by using your allocated key.  ​


When ordering parcels, you must leave a delivery instruction for the parcel to be left at ‘PARCELSAFE’.​

The collection of your parcels could not be more simple.  As a resident, you are automatically registered to our service provider PINGLOCKER.  They will email you with app sign up instructions to allow you to collect your parcels from our secure parcel safe room.  Only when using this service will your parcels will be available as soon as delivered - 24/7.​ 


There are many restaurants and takeaways in the surrounding area for you to choose from. When ordering, please make sure you meet the delivery person at the front of the building or in the reception area as deliveries cannot be left with reception staff. 

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Parcel Safe Place Information