Checkout List

Scotway House | Check Out Guide

What a quick year it has been, we can’t believe it’s check out time already! We have created a checkout guide for you to ensure your departure is as smooth as possible:

1.       Clean your room. It is your responsibility to clean your room. We would like the room back the same way we handed it to you. There may be a charge if any belongings are left behind so please make sure you pack everything up. Feel free to donate any unwanted clothes/books. Donations will need to be bagged/boxed up and clearly labelled.

For those of you in a shared flat please chat with your flatmates to come up with a plan of cleaning your kitchen as it is all your responsibility. If it is not cleaned, you and your flatmates may all have to pay a cleaning charge.  

We have created a check list of what we expect:

ü Rubbish removedü No belongings/food left behindü Storage under your bed is emptyü Oven and worktops are cleaned – no food in the fridge/freezerü Floor is hoovered/moppedü Toilet and shower are clean

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to clean you can book a cleaning service on the atBOHO app.

2.       Account is up to date. Before you hand your key back to us check that your account is cleared. You can pay any outstanding amounts on your Resident Portal or at Reception.

 3.       Check your Mailbox then change your address. It is important to update your address as we cannot forward any mail. For example, online shopping, bank and bills will need to be changed. You can also redirect your mail on:

4.       Book your room inspection. We need to inspection your room before you leave us! Book your room inspection once your belongings are packed up.  
44 week contracts   
51 week contracts  
Reminder that the final checkout time is 12 noon on the last date of your contract.  

5.       Return you keys. After the inspection hand your bedroom key and post box key (studios only) to a member of staff. Please note, if any keys are missing it may incur in a replacement charge.


1.       Can I store my belongings in my room? You will not be able to store any belongings when your contract ends. We need to prepare your room for our bookings for next year. Storage can be arranged directly via the atBOHO app or you can contact an independent storage company, there are leaflets at Reception. 

2.       Can I keep my bike at Scotway House? You will need to take your bike with you when your contract ends. Any abandoned bikes will be donated to charity.

3.       Can I extend my stay? If you are on a 44 week contract you will be able to extend your stay until 29th August 2020. We will not be able to extend any contracts past this date. If you are interested, please inform staff asap or send an email to

4.       I’ve checked out and forgot to change my address can you keep my parcel? We will not accept any parcels for residents who have checked out. They will be automatically returned to sender. It is important to change your address!

5.       Can I rebook a room for next year? We would love for you to stay with us again! You can book a room on our website: or chat to staff to see what rooms we have available.

6.      When will I get my deposit back? At BOHO we have a zero deposit policy. The £200 you paid when securing the booking was a reservation fee which went towards the cost of your first rental payment.

We hope you have enjoyed your stay at Scotway House as much as we loved having you here! We would appreciate that you leave us a Google Review. 

Take care and farewell!